Athens Physician Shares Her Emmaus Consulting Success Story

Impressed by firm’s expertise and a drastic increase in profits,
Dr. Iris Snider sends letter of recommendation to TNAAP members

Dr. Iris Snider, FAAP, a highly accomplished pediatrician and owner of Athens Pediatrics in Athens, Tenn., is one of a growing number of practice owners who are reaping the benefits of tapping into the expertise of a health care consulting firm.

“One of the drawbacks of being both a physician and owner of a practice is that the other demands of medicine often prevent me from giving the business side of my practice the oversight it needs. How does one know, I mean really know, if their practice is financially everything it could be?” said Snider, who was named Pediatrician of the Year by the Tennessee Academy of Pediatrics in 1995. “Given the current volatility of health care and the uncertainty that goes along with it, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and hire Emmaus Consulting to help analyze our clinic.”

Snider is an excellent example of a growing national trend. As health care reform continues to evolve, demand for health care consultants will continue to increase during the next decade. Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that health care management jobs will increase by 23 percent through 2022. As more health care managers enter the profession, they’ll turn to health care consultants for guidance in process improvement, marketing, regulations and compliance, health information technology and many more.

Founded by clinic owner Ruste Via in 2008, Emmaus Consulting is a health care consulting firm that specializes in helping primary care practices optimize their resources and financial performance. Based in Ripley, Tenn., Emmaus Consulting currently serves 24 clinics and private practices throughout the state with strategic counseling and support.

“The difference between Emmaus Consulting and other consulting firms was immediately evident, due to the fact there was no financial risk in working with them,” Snider said. “Instead of charging by the hour, as most consulting firms do, Emmaus charges based on how much additional revenue they generate for your clinic. In other words, if you don’t make any additional money from the information they present, there is no fee.
“I loved the fact they had a dog in this fight, since they are paid nothing until the additional money is in hand. If they had no suggestions I thought would have been right for my practice, I would have owed them nothing.”

Snider, a former president and vice president for the Tennessee chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and former vice chair for her AAP district, is so impressed by Emmaus Consulting’s impact on her practice that she recently sent a letter of recommendation to AAP members.

“I am committed to the belief that all of Tennessee’s children should have access to quality health care, which explains in part why I am writing this letter,” she wrote. “When I first met with Shannon Haynes, director of client development for Emmaus, I was intrigued, but did not expect the interaction to be worthwhile. I was VERY wrong. We are on pace for doubling our profits — not revenue, but profits. They have been fantastic to work with.”
Practice owners seeking success similar to Snider’s can call Shannon Haynes at 731-234-6612 to schedule an informational meeting.

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