Social Media: Revolutionize Your Practice


Emmaus Consulting presents “Revolutionize Your Practice with Social Media”, a free webinar designed to allow a practice manager or owner to learn ways they can use social media to grow profitability in their practice. Director of Client Development, Shannon Haynes, MBA, explains how social networking, video sharing, user reviews, and blogs can help you stay connected to your patients, provide valuable medical information, and protect your online reputation.

There is an instructional guide and free resource provided with the webinar materials. These tools are available to current and potential clients on our website. We will release the link to the resources and access to the webinar and free tools closer to launch of the live webinar.

When your owner or practice manager is ready to discuss what social media can do for your business, please contact Shannon Haynes at (731) 234-6612 or to schedule your free one on one session to learn more. Every clinic who sets up a face-to-face meeting with the owner or practice manager to discuss how Emmaus Consulting can help you drive profitability in your practice will receive a free Yeti tumbler with your logo on it (a $50 value).

yeti rambler

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